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Well hello and happy almost weekend. I’m not going to lie, I’m still feeling pretty miserable. This cold or flu or whatever has me feeling pretty drained, but to make myself feel better I thought I would revisit my amazing trip to Oregon last week.

I have to admit I was a little concerned about going on vacation so soon after I finished my January Whole30. Luckily Oregon is a very health-conscious state, so I was able to eat pretty healthy the whole time I was there. Did I indulge? Yes for sure, and I’ll be sharing those with you, but it was vacation and I have no regrets.

We landed in Portland on Wednesday night at around 8, and it was pretty rainy. We got our rental car and made our way to our friends’ place, since we were going to stay with them. We caught up with them for a little bit and then went to bed. With the plane ride and the time delay I was exhausted and wanted a good night’s rest.

The next morning I woke up pretty early since I was still on Central time. I got up, got ready for the day and Adam and I went to get some Americanos from Albina Press. Their coffee was awesome and did not need any sort of creamer.

After that we went to meet Adam’s coworker/good friend and the three of us grabbed breakfast at Sweedeedee. We tried to go to Sweedeedee our last time in Portland but the wait was too long and I was too hungry to wait. This time, since it was a ransom Thursday morning, we got right in. I went with the Potato Plate, which had roasted potatoes, smoked trout, a fried egg and salsa verde.

I would never think to mix all those flavors together, but they just worked. It was so good and the place was definitely worth the hype.

After breakfast, Adam had some work to do for a few hours and I decided I was going to go downtown to walk around. The rain had cleared up and it was very nice and sunny. I walked around, did some shopping got an iced tea and enjoyed some time exploring on my own.

Once it started getting close to lunchtime, I decided I was going to head back towards the Mississippi neighborhood we were staying in to try and find some food. Luckily Adam and his friend were hungry as well and we all met up and tried to decide on a spot for lunch. We passed Matt’s BBQ truck and his friend mentioned that he had heard good things about it but had never been.

Being the adventurous foodie, I suggested we go try it and that was probably the best decision ever! It was some of the best BBQ I’ve had.

We got a meat sampler for the three of us to share. It came with some smoked brisket, ribs and a hot link. I will definitely going back there the next time I’m in town.

While we were waiting for our food, the rain picked up again and we took shelter behind the food truck where there was a partially covered area. We ate there, cause the food smelled too good not to and waited the 20 minutes for the rain shower to pass.

Since I was on vacation I suggested we all go get some dessert and the place I had in mind was Eb and Bean. I had heard so many wonderful things about them and wanted to check it out. They have a great selection of non-dairy frozen yogurt treats and well as non-dairy chocolate toppings.

I got the Chocolate Hazelnut Almond Milk frozen yogurt, topped with the non-dairy newtella chocolate shell and roasted hazelnuts. It was divine. I would jump on a plane now strictly for that frozen yogurt, if I could.

We left Eb and Bean and bid adieu to our friend because we needed to go do some grocery shopping for the weekend. We were driving to Mount Bachelor on Friday morning to do some skiing and wanted to stock our AirBnb home with some healthy foods. We loaded up on healthy options at the local Trader Joe’s.

After our grocery haul it was time for dinner, and I had my sights set on Dick’s Kitchen. I had done research, checked out their menu and was dying to go. And it did not disappoint.

I got the Paleo plate, which came with a bunless burger, a side of greens and some steamed dino kale. It was so tasty and exactly what I needed after a day of indulging.

But I made sure to save room for dessert because I saw that they had a Paleo parfait.

The parfait was fantastic, a cashew cream, topped with raspberry compote and chocolate cookie crumbles.

All in all a perfect foodie day!

The next morning was an early one. We planned to get on the road by 8AM, but I refused to go without a stop at Back to Eden Bakery for some gluten-free, vegan donuts.

They had just opened the store and I walked in and got myself an Orange Cardamom Donut. Um yum! That’s all I can say. The flavors work so well together that I will definitely be making my own version of this at home sometime soon!

And then we were on our way. There were 10 of us going to stay at the AirBnb home together and we split up into 3 cars.

The drive was beautiful, we drove through the mountains. We took in the scenic views and made record time. We got into Bend just a little after noon.

Friday we decided to play it by ear and decide if we wanted to go up to the mountain once we arrived in Bend. We were all hungry and decided to check out Crux Fermentation Project, a local brewery. I sneakily suggested it because of their many gluten-free options, and everyone was very excited to try it out.

I gave up beer years ago because it makes me feel super bloated, but I enjoyed a tasty Humm Kombucha while we waited for the rest of our group to get there.

Once everyone arrived they ordered drinks and we all ordered our food. I choose the Angler Cakes, which are just smoked salmon cakes and I asked for the gluten-free option.

They were fantastic.

But not as fantastic as the Project Board Adam got!

We all helped him finish it since it was huge.

After lunch we wanted to check out Bend a little more, so we went to get some coffee at Thump Cafe and walked around for a bit.

It was a little chilly, so we didn’t stay out too much. We instead went to our home for the weekend and claimed rooms. I think it was evident at this point that no one really wanted to go on the mountain that day, so we all hung at the house and played games.

We made dinner at the house, grilled steak and veggies and it was perfect.

After dinner some of us went into the hot tub while some watched movies. It was the perfect first day of the ski trip, the only thing missing was smores. Oh well, I’ll just have to remember that for next time.

Saturday was all about the skiing. There were two cars leaving for the mountain, an early one and a later one. I was obviously on the later one. I’m not that serious of a skier.

The mountain was beautiful and I made sure to take tons of pictures.

After skiing for a few hours I was done for the day, and was glad others in our party were feeling the same way.

We hung out at the ski lodge and got some spiked hot cocoa.

Totally earned it!

Sunday some of us decided to go snowshoeing instead of skiing and I absolutely loved that!

We had another perfect sunny day and it was so amazing walking up the mountain and through the trees.

The rest of our party still skiing was done around 4PM, and then we set out for Portland again.

A few of us met once we got to Portland for dinner, and I was so tired from the weekend that I didn’t even care about the food. I got a Kale Caesar Salad, minus croutons and parmesan cheese, and it was good, but I was too tired to take a picture, (sad face emoji)

On Monday, Adam and I went to the coast and we got engaged!!

After we left the beach, we were both starving and went to get a late lunch. We stopped at this cute little place called the Big Wave Cafe to get some sea food.

The amazing food along with the excitement of being newly engaged made for the most amazing meal.

We got the crab cocktail, crab cakes and coconut prawns. So delicious!

After lunch, we made the drive back to Portland to celebrate our engagement with some friends. We started off at the Box Social where I got the most amazing gin cocktail, called The Demure. I really love gin!

Once we finished our drinks I was starting to get hungry for a full meal and so we left and went to Interurban.

We had more drinks because, after all, we were celebrating! I got another gin drink called The Martinez and it was really good but really strong. One was all I needed.

For dinner Adam and I shared the Grilled Butcher Steak and it was the perfect amount for two people.

After dinner we went back to pack and get ready for our flight the next day.

The trip was coming to an end and it was time to go back home. On Tuesday we woke up and started for the airport. I insisted we stop again at Back to Eden Bakery so I could get a gluten-free bagel and it was so good. The perfect last breakfast in Portland.

It was an awesome trip, filled with great friends, lots of fun and one unforgettable experience. And the best part is knowing that we’ll be back in Portland later this year in July, for our friends’ wedding.

See you soon Portland!


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