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Hello, and welcome to Paleocity Life. This is the place where I share some of my favorite Paleo recipes and lifestyle tips.
But first, a little bit about me:

Why I Think a Paleo Lifestyle is Important?

To me Paleo means a simpler way of doing things, from using simple, whole foods in the food that I cook to using health and beauty products without any chemicals. Paleo is not only about food, it is also about the products we use on our bodies, like soaps, shampoos, deodorants, makeup, etc. Once you adapt a Paleo lifestyle you start to become more aware of what you are using to fuel your body and also the type of products you are using on your body.

The ingredients that I use are found in nature and in their purest form. My recipes are free of any processed ingredients, grains, gluten and refined sugar. A good rule of thumb about food is if it looks like it came from nature then it is something that we should consume.



My Health Journey

My health journey started because of vanity, I simply wanted to lose weight. I have always been relatively thin, but once I hit my mid-twenties I noticed that my metabolism started slowing down and I could no longer eat the way I used to without consequences. It is at this point in my life that I wish I would have discovered clean eating, but I did not. Instead I was not very good to my body; I severely restricted calories, at times drastically to where I was eating 700 or less calories a day. I took diet pills and I would exercise excessively, at times 7 days a week for at least an hour each day.

However, I barely saw any real, sustainable weight loss. I understand now that it was because my body was in starvation mode, and the foods I was actually using to fuel it were not nutritional. If you only eat 700 calories a day, and they all come from bread and Nutella, your body will not benefit from that. For me it was a long process between dieting for months and then eating whatever came across my path for months. My weight fluctuated but not by much, so it was never any cause for concern for anyone in my life.

I finally came to a point where I wanted to try a diet that would offer quick results, so I started a very low carbohydrate diet. I was eating all the protein I wanted, but tried to limit my carbs to fewer than 50 grams a day. After a few days of sugar withdrawal headaches and dreaming about doughnuts, my body started to adjust and I felt wonderful. I was still restricting what I ate, but I never felt hungry. It was while researching low carb recipes that I discovered the Paleo lifestyle and it has changed the way I eat. I researched the Paleo lifestyle for days and realized this is what I had been looking for.

Now I no longer restrict my food intake, I no longer count calories or carbs, because I know that I am eating foods that our bodies know how to digest and were designed to eat. The weight started coming off almost effortlessly and after a few months my body adjusted to a weight that I am comfortable at.

One of the other wonderful things about eating Paleo is that I no longer feel bloated. I used to feel bloated quite often, at times to the point where none of my clothes fit right. I realize now that it was because my body does not tolerate grains very well. It was never a huge issue, so I never felt compelled to go to a doctor or even do more research; I had no idea that my body was having a difficult time digesting the food I was eating.


Eating Clean

You may notice that I talk a lot about eating clean. So what exactly is eating clean?

I used to hear colleagues talking about eating clean all the time and it seemed like such a wonderful thing but it was very daunting for me. I had no idea where to start. It took me a long time to incorporate it into my life, so I am going to try and make it as easy as possible for you to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Eating clean means eating the foods that humans were meant to eat like meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. All of these foods are nutrient dense and a great supply of energy to fuel our bodies. It was not until the early 1900 and the Industrial Revolution that we started creating the types of food like products that fill out grocery stores now. The foods that are calorie heavy yet nutritionally light, often times referred to as empty calories. That is because they are not a good source of energy; our bodies digest them very quickly leaving us hungry and craving more. I’m looking at you refined sugar.

I promise it’s not as scary as I thought it was. You can still eat all of your favorite types of foods, you just need to make them with whole, nutritious ingredients. I have recreated a lot of my favorite foods without any processed ingredients or grains. I never thought that I would be eating so well, while eating such healthy, nutritious foods.

Why I Follow a Paleo Lifestyle

I follow a Paleo lifestyle simply because I have never felt better. I have so much energy, I no longer feel sluggish and it’s a great feeling knowing that you are fueling your body with the best possible ingredients that you can. Before I used to get home from work and just veg out on the couch most nights. Now I go for walks, or go out with friends and most of the time I am in the kitchen experimenting. I am having so much fun cooking and trying new recipes. It’s amazing how you can change your whole lifestyle by simply changing what you are eating.

The way to adapt the Paleo lifestyle is to adjust it to your individual food preferences. I love sweets, always have and always will. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I still eat plenty of sweets, they are just Paleo. You need to make it work for you, for me it is a lifestyle and not a diet.

What I love most about a Paleo lifestyle is how adaptable it is for everyone’s individual body. Your body will let you know what types of foods it can handle and the types it cannot. I follow the principles of the Paleo diet, and no longer have to restrict my food intake or even think about calories anymore. It’s so liberating!


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